The Goal

Wiener Armutsnetzwerk is a social organization helping people in poverty. They also try to shape society, tackle prejudices and shed light on the hardships people in poverty have to face.

One of their main goals was to make it clear that poverty is a issue that can happen to anybody at any time. Many people associate laziness with poverty and don't realize how diverse people in poverty are. Additionally, they also wanted to have some clear instructions on how to get active at Wiener Armutsnetzwerk and when their next events are going to happen.

The Research

While researching I stumbled over a recent statistic: Every 7th person in Austria is at risk of poverty. I took that statement and created seven illustrations of different people, making them as diverse as possible. I placed those people at the landing page and greyed them out, except one. The one person that I left blue symbolizes the "7th" Austrian that is at risk of poverty.
Every time you reload the page, a different person is shown as the blue person. Meaning that the status of poverty can change and affect everyone, regardless of how they look.

Additionally we created seven different stories of poverty, to show the diverse fates of people in need of help while also pointing out facts and problems with the current laws.

The Illustrations

While I also created the Wiener Armutsnetzwerk Logo many years ago, I now created those illustrations as well. They were done in Adobe Illustrator. I tried to make the people as diverse as possible while being equally generic to not feed into any stereotypes.

The Result

The new strategy for the Wiener Armutsnetzwerk site is to be emotionally investing, while also being clear and not patronizing. I set a big focus on telling stories and immersing the user into the hardships of people struggling with poverty, while transferring information about current laws and regulations.

The new site will launch in April 2019.