The Goal

Lightstorm is a audiovisual performance and kinetic light installation by the three artists Katharina Gruber, Gregor Woschitz und Laurin Döpfner.
Their website is used to attract art and music festival organizers to book them for future performances.

They wanted their website to clearly convey a club feeling since they usually perform in such settings.

The Process

Some drafts for the landing page animation

As Lightstorm is a media art project, I decided to pronounce the aesthetic and interactive aspects of the website. The work itself is constructed out of hundreds of LEDs which visualize images and videos by rapidly rotating. I mirrored this structure on the landing screen by building a grid made of letters and symbols that dynamically respond to where the cursor is, thus revealing the projects name among other things.

The final version we settled for

What we could learn from the old site..

When talking to the artists of Lightstorm, they were sure on what the Lightstorm site should do: Connecting with music and art festivals to get booked. Even though that was there main priority, their old site didn't had any information on bookings. Press and promo material was wildly mixed with no clear structure. While some people may want to have a broad overview on what Lightstorm is, some others actually need the high res video and image material. Problem with the old site was that were was no distinction between the different use cases and journeys.

Another thing lacking was the sterile and almost plain look of the page. Lightstorm is interactive, exciting and mostly exhibited at modern art festivals. But their website didn't convey any of this. I revamped the entire look and feel by selecting new colors and fonts.

The Result

All in all, the Lightstorm site became much more clearer and simple. The choice of pairing a big and bold font with black, red and beautiful imagery helped to convey the sensation of being in a club while also carrying the feeling of visiting the website of a modern art piece.

The new Lightstorm site will launch in March 2019.