General thoughts and goals

An Austrian based startup developed the idea of this coin. In general, it was to be the start of a campaign with the goal of humanising the brand while keeping a focus on their Austrian roots. I had the idea of using imagery showing movement and people in motion, to emphasise the innovative focus this company has – always looking for new opportunities and evolving constantly, especially when working with crypto.

The target group are millennials who are losing trust in banks and other traditional means of investment, but are new to cryptocurrencies.

I focused on red and white for brand colors to resemble the Austrian flag and used modern photography to give the brand more humanity and to appeal to people who thought of crypto as something "techy" or "nerdy" and therefore not for them.

Based on these goals and considerations I developed 3 different drafts on how the symbol of the crypto coin could look:

Crossways and typgraphy

Using a colon as a design element

Currency like symbol