Do you remember the movie Amélie? There is this one scene where Amélie sits in a cinema full of people and starts looking around, checking the faces and expressions of the surrounding crowd.
When I was little, I did the same. I always was interested in how other people perceive and what sparks their emotions.

When I was in school, my friend and I got into a discussion about how blind people dream. He was sure they won't dream anything visual, something audio related tops. I then went into a year long research to understand how blind people perceive their surroundings and learnt that their visual cortex is as active as with seeing people. The method of inputting visual information is just different and not through the eyes. This led me to writing my graduation thesis about blind visual artists and making a movie about a blind woman.

Afterwards, I went on to art university and focused on making games. For some reason, no matter how big or small, people love doing Let's Plays of your games. I was excited getting access to raw thoughts and feelings of people playing through my creations. Additionally, People approached me and said "I felt that". It made me excited to converse with people without ever talking to them, making my feelings accessible through a piece of software, playable almost everywhere.

I always wondered, what to do with this interests? When working as a frontend developer, because it seemed like a logical next step, I realized how much I enjoyed working with the UX Designers. I saw their tasks and got really excited about what they do. I decided to leave frontend and move to UX, where I can spend my entire day doing what I always did: Investigating people's thoughts, feelings, needs and differences and trying to create interactions that assist people.



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